Redneck Brawl is back and taking the spotlight tonight at Bad Left Hook.

We’ve got nothing notable in the proper boxing world today, but we will be here for a rare evening treat in the form of Redneck Brawl 5: Rednecks Invade Cincinnati.

The show is available as a streaming pay-per-view at for $22.99, and starts at 7 pm ET.

If you’re a Redneck Brawl aficionado visiting Bad Left Hook for the first time, welcome! We’ll have updates, results, and hopefully some highlights in the stream below:

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If you’re a Bad Left Hook regular unfamiliar with the unique charms of Redneck Brawl, check out Episode 71 of our podcast for a 15-minute primer on the series. The fun starts at 55:45, and I feel it’s one of the best segments we’ve ever done.

It’s a sad fact of life that almost everything is a terrible disappointment, if not an outright lie meant to separate your from your money. But you’ll get exactly what you’re promised with Redneck Brawl. You’re going to get two dozen fights of wild action, rollicking commentary where the word “motherf—er” gets used more frequently than the word “jab,” and, for tonight at least, a community viewing experience here in the Bad Left Hook comments section.

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