Ryan Garcia is demanding Devin Haney give him back the $1.5 million he paid him for coming in 3.2 lbs overweight for their fight on April 20th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

No Fight, No Pay?

There was a $500,000 per pound weight penalty in their fight, and Ryan missed the 140-lb limit by a long shot, forcing him to cough up a bunch of dough to Haney. Ryan feels that Haney shouldn’t profit from a fight that no longer counts in the record books, thanks to the NYSAC.

Now that the New York State Athletic Commission has taken away Ryan’s victory banned him for a year, and ruled the fight a no-contest, that means in his mind that it was never a fight. The fight never happened.

“Someone tell DEVil Haney to give me my money back for the weight allowance for a fight that now never happened,” said Ryan Garia on X, asking for his $1.5 million back that he paid to Devin Haney for coming in 3.2 lbs overweight for their fight on April 20th.

Haney might need to do the right thing by giving Ryan his money back so that he increases his chances of blessing him with a rematch when his one-year ban is over. Haney posted on social media tonight. If Haney wants to keep the cash cow happy, he needs to seriously consider forking over money on Ryan.

Haney Begging for a Rematch

Devin is already asking Ryan to give him a rematch when he comes back from his one-year ban. We’ll see if Haney gets his wish or if Ryan turns up his nose at his beaten foe, who says he’s going to sit out of the ring for a year, too.

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