Ryan Garcia posted on social media today to thank his former opponent, Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis, for his support regarding the PED issues surrounding his last fight against Devin Haney on April 20th.

The unbeaten lightweight champion Tank Davis defended Ryan (25-1, 20 KOs) yesterday on X in response to the results of his B sample reportedly being positive for the banned PED Ostarine.

Since then, Ryan’s legal team stated that they’d had a hair follicle test done for him, which had come back negative for Ostarine. The New York Athletic Commission, the one that will be deciding on Ryan’s case this summer, will have to factor in the new test results.

Tank Davis Defends Ryan Garcia’s Integrity

“Shoutout Gervonta Davis. Bro, really, my brother. NO F***** CAP,” said Ryan Garcia on X, responding to Tank Davis supporting him, saying, “He didn’t cheat.”

“As expected, he tested positive for the B sample. Now, he has to speak to the New York Commission, and they will determine his fate,” said Eddie Hearn, the promoter for Devin Haney, who spoke to Boxing News about Ryan Garcia.

Hearn’s Stance: No-Contest and Disqualification

“You can’t just say, ‘Don’t worry, guys. I’ve sent hair off to one of my scientists, who said it was all fine.’ That’s something that can be presented at the hearing, and the New York Athletic Commission is a reputable commission, and they’ll deal with it properly.

“One thing we can’t deny now, which is factual, is that when he boxed Devin Haney, he had performance-enhancing drugs in his system. Therefore, the fight should have never taken place. It did, and this is the problem with the testing as a whole. More importantly, the contest shouldn’t be acknowledged.

“He [Ryan] was 3 1/2 pounds over, and he had PEDs in his body,” Hearn continued about Ryan Garcia. “100% no-contest. It was in his system, but the disqualification, you just don’t know.”

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