Ryan Garcia’s quest to prove his innocence moved a step closer today, with his B sample being opened today to have the sample examined for the presence of the banned PED Ostarine.

B Sample Analysis Underway

According to Dan Rafael on X, Ryan’s B sample was opened today to be tested, and the results will be known within days or possibly not until next week due to the weekend and the holiday on Monday for Memorial Day.

The B sample will be examined just for the drug that Ryan tested positive for, Ostarine, and not for others. If it’s positive for that substance, he’s expected to be suspended and fined, and his win over Devin Haney will likely be overturned for their April 20th fight in New York.

It would be changed to a no-contest, and if Haney gets his way, Ryan will be given a loss. The win will then go to Haney.

Ryan’s fans hope his B sample is clean because they want his victory to hold up and see him back in the ring soon for a rematch with Haney or fights against other popular fighters at 140 or 147.

If Ryan’s B sample is positive, Haney’s career gets new life, and he can use that as an excuse for losing the fight to the popular social media star last April.

Even if Ryan’s B sample is dirty, fans will still view Haney as the loser of that fight because it was too dominating of a performance to view the results it as a situation where Kingry got a little help pharmaceutically.

Thurman’s Assessment of Garcia

“Ryan is like a lottery ticket in the boxing world right now. He’s going to do what he wants to do. He didn’t make weight [for the Devin Haney fight]. He doesn’t care about the titles. He has one of the biggest platforms when it comes to followings out of a lot of the mainstream boxers,” said Keith Thurman to Fight Hub TV, talking about Ryan Garcia.

“Ryan still has room to grow. It’s up to him how much of an elite. Be careful who you pick because there’s some real fire out here,” Thurman continued. “You just melted a marshmallow [Haney]. A lot of people wonder what a Pitbull Cruz would do a Ryan Garcia.”

Ryan isn’t talking about wanting to fight Pitbull Cruz because he wants a popular fighter for his next match, and he has been calling out Errol Spence. Pitbull is only known by hardcore boxing fans, and wouldn’t contribute much on his end for a fight with Ryan in terms of added PPV buys beyond what Kingry is bringing in.

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