Ryan Garcia’s legal team has come out with a statement following the news of his B-Sample coming back positive for the banned PED Ostarine for his April 20th fight against Devin Haney. The positive tests tarnish Ryan’s twelve-round majority decision over Haney.

Legal Team Alleges Supplement Contamination

Ryan Garcia’s legal team denied he knowingly used the performance-enhancing drug. They stated that Ryan’s positive test came from supplement contamination, and they’d had him tested with a hair follicle test to show that he was innocent.

Garcia’s legal team is investigating his supplements that he’d been using while preparing for his title fight against Haney last April at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York to find out what  product could have caused the contamination.

They believe that by completing their investigation, they’ll find what caused the positive test to have Ryan cleared.

Potential Consequences and Uncertain Future

In the meantime, the positive B sample result can potentially derail Ryan Garcia’s promising career and hurt his popularity in the boxing world. Already, some fans on social media are calling Ryan a “cheater,” believing that he’s guilty and that he intentionally used PEDs to gain an edge against Haney.

Ryan faces a potential suspension, fine, and the overturning of his win for his victory against WBC light welterweight champion Haney. The New York State Athletic Commission will hold a summer hearing to decide on Ryan’s case. Besides a possible suspension and fine, Ryan could be given a defeat for his fight with Haney.

The outcome of Ryan’s legal team’s investigation will affect his immediate future in the sport. If they find whatever product caused his positive test, Ryan will be back in business and vindicated. In the meantime, Ryan will be inactive while he awaits the outcome.

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