Ryan Garcia revealed that the beer prop that he drank on the scales at Friday’s weigh-in was actually apple juice and sparkling water for his fight against WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney. Fans were surprised at seeing Ryan appearing to chug a full beer while on the scales, but it was just more antics from the trickster.

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Garcia (24-1, 20 KOs) has been pulling people’s chains throughout his promotion for his fight against WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney, and Friday’s weigh-in was no exception.

The Truth Behind the “Beer”

“Apple Juice and sparkling water HEHE,” said Ryan Garcia on X, revealing what he was drinking on the scales at Friday’s weigh-in.

Ryan missed weight by 3.2 lbs, coming in at 143.2 lbs, and he had to up $1.5 million of his purse to Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) because of their bet. Garcia brushed off the money loss as no big deal, but it maybe it won’t be if he wins tonight.

Promoter Eddie Hearn Comments on Garcia’s Behavior

“The whole thing has been mental from the start, but just expect the unexpected tomorrow night,” said promoter Eddie Hearn to BoxNation about Ryan Garcia’s style of promoting his fight with Devin Haney.

The British promoter Hearn has been tricked as well by Ryan, showing that he doesn’t understand the guy at all. If Hearn had studied Ryan closely from day one, he would have known that he was creating interest in his fight in a Jake Paul-esque style.

“Something is going to go down tomorrow night. Maybe Ryan doesn’t leave the changing room,” said Hearn. “Maybe he comes out like a lunatic and hurts Devin. Maybe he bites Devin. Maybe he leaves the room during the fight.

“Maybe he no mas’s on his stool. The last one is probably the likely scenario, but he’s going to be dangerous. All the attributes that he has [speed, power, size and killer instinct] are still in place. But I see a kid in pain, I’ve got to be honest with you.”

Is Hearn Out of Touch?

Hearn seems an old-fashioned person who doesn’t understand younger people as well as he should for his line of work. Maybe you have to be American from the West Coast to understand Ryan’s personality. That’s the only thing I can think of why Hearn is so obtuse.

“I don’t think the people around him are comfortable with his behavior,” said Hearn. “But you can’t just pull people out of a fight. Anything can happen tomorrow night. He might win. He’s crazy. That’s the reality of the situation.

“He’s come 3 1/2 lbs over in a world championship fight. Think about that. It ain’t good. It lacks professionalism,” said Hearn about Ryan.

If Hearn understood that Ryan doesn’t value world titles and is only focused on winning, then he would understand why it’s not a big deal for him to come in overweight.

Ryan does NOT care about the WBC trinket. That thing is just a useless piece of medal, and he doesn’t want any part of being stuck paying the sanctioning body if he captures the WBC’s belt.

It’s a waste of money to hold a title, and the belt holder is stuck having to defend it against the mandatory challengers, who often bring nothing to the table.

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