Shakur Stevenson verbally attacked Gervonta Davis in an interview today, scolding him for his safety-first cherry-picking and for avoiding challenging fighters like himself.

WBC lightweight champion Stevenson says if Tank Davis were a risk taker, he would have chosen Edwin De Los Santos, the guy he just fought, for his June 15th opponent instead of Frank Martin. Stevenson says Martin pulled out from a fight against him and wasn’t serious about fighting him.

Shakur’s Salty Over Tank’s Snub

Shakur (21-0, 10 KOs) is somehow bitter that WBA ‘regular’ lightweight champion Tank Davis won’t fight him and is taking lesser threats. According to Tank, Shakur is one of the seven on his new contract.

That doesn’t seem to be enough to make Shakur happy because he’s still bad-mouthing Tank Davis. It shouldn’t matter if the fight is happening later because it still needs more time to marinate.

Shakur isn’t a big enough name to contribute much to a fight against Tank to put it on the level of a rematch between Davis and Ryan Garcia or Isaac Cruz. Those fights would be bigger for Tank Davis than a match against Shakur, who is only known to the hardcore boxing fans and only well-liked by the ultra-hardcore fans.

Stevenson’s Diss Track on Tank’s Opponent Choice

“That’s why he’s fighting him. He’s picking and choosing. That’s what he do. Tank take the least risk,” said Shakur Stevenson to Say Cheeze on his belief that Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis has chosen Frank Martin to defend his WBA ‘regular’ lightweight title against on June 15th because he’s a sure-thing win for him.

“If Tank were this risky [guy] that he claims to be, he would have fought Edwin De Los Santos. Why not fight the guy that actually fought me instead of the guy that pulled out from fighting me [Frank Martin]?

“That doesn’t even make sense. If you’re really like that. You see this guy [De Los Santos] is a really big 135-pounder. He’s got boxing skills and power. You’d get credit for beating him. Why not fight him?

“This is a game where guys take the least risk for the most amount of money, and I respect it. They got it from the best of them [Floyd Mayweather Jr?]. I get it. Truthfully, you can’t say nothing bad about me if you’re not going to get in that fire.

“How can I not have more experience when I’m more accomplished then this dude?” said Shakur about Tank Davis. “I’m a three-weight world champion. Tank had two belts his whole career. They were both the same belt.

“He had a WBA at 130-lbs. That’s the only title he ever hold in his entire career. Then if you really want to look at it, his opponents don’t even want to fight me,” said Shakur.

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