Adrien Broner takes on Blair Cobbs in a Friday night showcase. | Fight Hub TV

Adrien Broner says he’s so serious about beating Blair Cobbs that him and the homies might even shoot him.

Yesterday the final press conference for Friday’s fight between Adrien Broner and Blair Cobbs was held, and for the first portion of the presser Cobbs was forced to hold court as Broner would show up late to the event.

Cobbs would do so by doing his Rick Flair bit and even introduced a muppet version of Adrien Broner to entertain the audience before Broner himself would arrive.

When Broner arrived he would tell everyone that he had to make sure he got his training done before he made this appearance and thanked promoter Don King for giving him a chance when no one else seemed to want to.

That all being said, Broner would quickly shift gears by making actual gun threats towards Cobbs.

“I’m not playing,” Broner said. “I came alone and I’m willing to leave everything in that ring and that’s what I’ma do. And today I don’t give a f—k what go on so don’t play no games because my n—gas guns with them them, bro. And I’m dead serious bro. And all I gotta do is point and they’re gonna blow, and I’m dead serious bro.

“And me and my n—ga, we done already beat bodies and they still looking for me, and every charge been acquitted. So don’t come up here playing, don’t make no false moves, I’m not playing.

“I’m not here to play no games. So we gonna promote the fight but just be respectful, don’t do no dumb sh-t and I’m serious bro. For real, bro. I’m dead serious, motherf—ker will shoot you in your sh-t. I’m not joking.”

Later both Broner and Cobbs would engage in a war of words on the microphone, but luckily everyone made it out of the press event alive.

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