With some fighters, as great and as special as they are, it’s almost impossible to picture them, in one’s mind’s eye, being knocked out. One such fighter is the superbly gifted, indeed wizard-like Vasiliy Lomachenko. A superb boxer with an immensely impressive and uncommon ring IQ, Lomachenko has left numerous opponents baffled and unable to go on; so much so that Loma, who made a habit of making guys quit, was once handed the unofficial nickname of “No Mas-Chenko.”

Now, at age 36 and perhaps closing in on retirement, with maybe just a couple or three fights left, Loma is pretty close to a fight with one of the best young fighters in the game, Gervonta “Tank” Davis. Bob Arum says both men want the fight and that it would take place later on this year. It’s a fascinating match up, between a genuine power puncher and a genuine boxing master. As such, we fans want to see it, badly.

But who wins, and could Tank, with his withering power, become the first man to halt Loma, thus producing a spectacle we cannot even imagine at this point? Maybe you wouldn’t be that shocked if Tank did KO Loma, but plenty of people sure would. Tank’s co-trainer, Kenny Ellis, has gone on record as saying his guy Tank, 30-0(28) will absolutely score the KO, with Ellis boldly stating how Loma “won’t see the 12th.”

Ellis has begin studying Loma’s fights, the aim being to come up with a sufficient game plan, one that will not only bring victory, but will bring a knockout victory.

“Phase 3, studying Lomachenko: Why all of a sudden are these Lomachenko highlight videos popping up?” Ellis commented on social media. “Are they supposed to be intimidating or something? He won’t see the 12th with Gervonta Davis.”

Again, bold words. It sure would be some feather in 29 year old Tank’s cap if he were to become the first man to knock out or stop Lomachenko. But will it happen? Might Lomachenko frustrate, outbox and bamboozle Tank the way he has so many other fighters? Loma, 18-3(12) has shared a ring with big hitters before now and he has never come close to being taken out. That said, Tank has skills to go with his vaunted power, and this is another factor that makes this potential southpaw Vs. southpaw showdown so tantalising.

Loma too has decent power, stinging power, his accuracy and the accumulation of his shots proving hurtful. It would of course be a huge shock if Loma ended up stopping Tank. Let’s just hope this fight happens. We all need to see it, whatever happens.

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