Teofimo Lopez has always been vocal on the current boxing scene, both inside and outside the ring. He considers himself a true boxing fanatic. On Saturday night, he shared his insights with FightHubTV about the upcoming Gervonta Davis vs. Frank Martin fight scheduled for next Saturday.

Lopez commented, “I think that if Frank Martin goes and presses Tank Davis without showing him any respect then we should see a different type of outing.” This perspective, however, seems questionable to some observers. Gervonta Davis, known for his impressive 93% knockout ratio, often punishes opponents who adopt an aggressive approach.

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He then further elaborated, “However, if [Martin] comes in there just respecting the power and the hype behind Gervonta Davis, then I believe it will be an early night for Frank Martin.” This statement is particularly surprising considering the infamous sparring video between Lopez and Davis. In the footage, Lopez is seen getting countered by a heavy blow from Davis near the end of their session, which ultimately led to the sparring being stopped. Given this history, it’s perplexing why Lopez would advocate a strategy that appears to play into Davis’s strengths.

Lopez didn’t only comment on the upcoming Davis vs. Martin fight but also provided insight into the circumstances that led to him not accepting a fight against Ryan Garcia. He explained, “It wasn’t at the right time. I’m thankful that the outcome for me now is where else can I take it. If we meet again and it comes about me and Ryan Garcia facing each other, then we’ll bring in USADA, we’ll bring in VADA, then we’ll bring more testing into the sport to keep it clean.”

Ryan Garcia went on to defeat Devin Haney after declining Teofimo’s offer but later failed a drug test with Ostarine found in his system. If Garcia doesn’t face a suspension, a bout between him and Lopez would be one of the most anticipated fights next year.

Vasiliy Lomachenko, a past contender of Teofimo Lopez, recently faced another familiar foe of Lopez’s, George Kambosos. Lomachenko delivered a dominant and decisive victory over Kambosos. Teofimo commented, “I knew that Loma would win; the guy hasn’t looked impressive in his last outings. Good for him, he’s getting his flowers as he should.” This outcome is intriguing because Lopez had previously defeated Lomachenko to claim the 135-pound titles but later lost to Kambosos, making Lomachenko’s overwhelming win over Kambosos somewhat surprising.

Lopez also discussed the possibility of a rematch with Kambosos, stating, “I wanted that rematch, never got it. They wanted to go with the money and take the Loma fight in Australia.” While Lopez expressed a desire for a rematch, it seems unlikely at this point. Despite the potential for an exciting fight, the timing and circumstances suggest that it might no longer be a priority.

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