Teofimo Lopez, WBO light welterweight champion, advises Devin Haney to rematch Ryan Garcia if he feels he was “cheated” due to his positive drug test for Ostarine.

Teofimo says Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) got beat, and he needs to move on or take the rematch with Garcia to redeem himself.

Haney’s Response to the Loss

Since the defeat, Haney has been focusing on having his loss erased by the New York State Athletic Commission, talking about wanting to take a 1-2 year hiatus from boxing and suing Ryan Garcia.

None of those things will change fans’ perceptions of what happened to Haney. For the fans who follow the sport, they’ll look at Haney’s new unbeaten record with an asterisk, viewing it as one should have a loss.

Casual fans won’t care. They’ll look at whether Haney is entertaining and winning fights, which he’ll come up short on if he chooses to face someone good at 140 or 147.

Teofimo’s Challenge

“Whether it was a low dosage of Ostarine or not, Devin Haney you got your a** whooped. Move forward. If you feel like you got cheated, fight him again, do a rematch,” said Teofimo Lopez to the Danza Project.

So what Teofimo is basically suggesting is that Haney stop whining about Ryan Garcia’s positive test, and put his energy into getting a rematch with him so he can prove to the fans that he was the better fighter all along.

A Show of Weakness?

By complaining and dragging this thing out with Ryan’s PED tests, Haney is showing weakness in the eyes of fans, playing the victim, and now displaying the courageous, warrior-type personality that people look up to.

Boxing is war and it’s a bad look on Haney’s part to show weakness by complaining about the enemy on the battlefield used tactics to win. Leaving the front lines to complain about the opposing side looks weak and Haney needs to get a clue about this.

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