Jaron Ennis will look to keep an active schedule under the guidance of Matchroom. | Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Bozy Ennis discusses his son’s latest signing with Matchroom Boxing.

Trainer Bozy Ennis talks about his son Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis recent announcement of signing with Matchroom, saying Matchroom’s ability to put on so many shows gives them great confidence that they’ll be able to keep Boots fighting actively. That factor in particular is key for any fighter looking to fulfill their promise, says the trainer.

On Jaron signing with Matchroom

“I think it was a great move that we did. We couldn’t be sitting around, waiting too long, man. We were supposed to fight in March and then we were supposed to fight in June — we don’t know really what date ‘cause they was moving the dates. And then the one in March, I think we were supposed to be the main event instead of Thurman and Tim Tszyu. That was supposed to be our spot, it was supposed to be Boots and Barrios.

“Then all the sudden we found out the IBF wanted to defend the title against Cody Crowley, so we said yes, we’ll take the fight. And I don’t know what happened after that, I don’t know what they was trying to do. It took a long time so we just moved on, man.”

On if activity is the most important thing for a fighter in their prime

“That’s always the main thing, is activity. Stay busy, man. The busier you are, the sharper you’ll be. We used to be fighting like three times a year.”

On why Matchroom is the right place for Boots at this time

“At this time I think it’s the right place because they moving fighters, man. They fighting it seems like every other week, they got a show going on. So that’s where we want to be…if you want to be great, you got to stay busy. You can’t be off, like one fight a year or something like that. You ain’t gonna be nothing if you fighting once a year, your timing is going to be off, everything’s going to be off.”

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