You can file this KO right up there with Vincent Pettway’s chilling icing of Simon Brown. This week, on Thursday in Montreal, Canada, unbeaten 168 pound puncher Osley Iglesgias took out Russian veteran Evgeny Shvedenko in the opening round of their fight.

The Cuban star in the making landed a flush right hook to the head with just seconds remaining in the opening session.

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The split-second the hard, crisp shot connected, Shvedenko went down and out heavily, stretched as he was on his back. Then, electrical impulses charging through his body due to the immense shock of a punch his brain had taken, Shvedenko’s limbs began acting very strangely.

The stricken fighter’s arms and legs were flailing around furiously, his arms outstretched, his legs pumping the air as though riding on a make-believe bicycle.

The scenes both stunned and silenced the crowd, with the commentators clearly bothered by what they had witnessed. This was, as plenty of people have said, the scariest, most disturbingly frightening knockout of the year (so far).

It’s often said that you “don’t play boxing.” This particular KO serves as a stark reminder of this. Indeed, all fighters show immense bravery each and every time they step into the ring to fight.

26 year old Iglesias, who retained his IBO super middleweight title with the devastating KO win, is now 11-0(10), while 33 year old Shvedenko is now 16-2-1(7). But on the night of the fight, as the fallen warrior was being attended to, no stats were of importance, only the health of the beaten, badly hurt fighter.

Again, this one was scary. As is the case with human nature, however, the gruesome knockout has been viewed many times on the internet, with many more views certain.

The aforementioned KO scored by Pettway left Brown laid out on his back throwing imaginary punches with his eyes shut tight. That was chilling to see, so too was the KO we observed in Canada.

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