It really does look as though Tyson Fury has put the work in for the fight he will soon have with rival heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk. Fury, as we can see in the new photos of him, is about as ripped as he has ever been, and we know Fury does not sport the kind of physique that leaves a fan thinking Adonis.

Fury has often looked flabby in the ring, not that it has mattered, with the unbeaten “Gypsy King” showing us all numerous times that he has some impressive engine for such a big man. Now, having been in Saudi Arabia for a few days, Fury is arguably looking in better physical shape than he has ever looked.

Appearances can be deceptive, of course, and just because Fury looks good this doesn’t mean he will win the fight. But it is abundantly clear Fury has and is taking the Usyk fight seriously, very seriously. This of course is the way it should be. Fury almost paid big-time when he turned up in poor condition for what he thought would be an easy night’s work with Francis Ngannou. That split decision loss, with fury getting bowled over early, appears to have lit a fire under Fury, with him working as hard as can be for Usyk.

Frank Warren has said his fighter is in the best shape he has ever been in and that he “really fancies Fury for the KO win.” Yes, Warren is Fury’s promoter, and he’s going to say something along those lines. I get it. But look at the available footage of Fury and decide for yourself if he seems to be in superb shape or not. It will be very interesting to see the official weigh-in results next week. Fury has often come in above the 270 pound mark, but he may scale significantly lower for this fight. Usyk as we know is always in superb shape and he too will have put all the work in for this fight.

Not long to go now, and maybe we can finally feel assured the fight will go ahead, with no more pull-outs by Fury! It’s on now (unless I’ve jinxed it!) and Fury has apparently done all he can do in the gym in an effort at winning.

“Physically I have never seen him look so well,” Warren said of Fury. “I just feel he is going to put on a magnificent performance and stop Usyk.”

We will soon see.

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