The World Boxing Association [WBA] has overturned its intention to implement a 12lbs rehydration clause for WBA lightweight title holder Gervonta Davis’ (29-0, 27 KOs) upcoming title defense against Frank Martin (18-0, 12 KOs), scheduled for June 15 in Las Vegas. 

WBA president Gilberto Mendoza intended to implement the rehydration limit in a conversation with DAZN’s Chris Manix, who posted the initial details on X. 

“WBA president Gilberto Mendoza confirms that there will be a WBA-mandated rehydration clause in the Tank Davis-Frank Martin fight,” Mannix posted on X. “In a text message to @SInow, Mendoza says there will be a 12-pound rehydration limit that was “based on recent events.” Mendoza did not respond when asked if this was WBA policy for all sanctioned fights.”

The post by Mannix saw Davis come under scrutiny, with accusations coming from all quarters that the idea to implement the clause was his and not the WBA’s, which Davis denied.

“I didn’t know about this s*** until yesterday on Twitter,” Davis protested. “But why’s everybody mad? We have to weigh-in the same weight and come into the fight at the same weight? What the f*** is the problem?”

The sanctioning body ultimately dropped the clause because it needed to inform challenger Frank Martin of its intention to incorporate it into his bout with Davis. Dan Rafael confirmed as much on X, but did state the WBA’s intention to implement second-day weigh-ins.

“Been asked this a lot past couple of days. Here’s the answer: No, there is no rehydration clause for #DavisMartin,” Rafael posted. “[The] WBA is planning to follow IBF by requiring fight morning weight check. But this fight [Davis vs Martin] was already done, and it won’t be part of it. Possible for future WBA title bouts.

“Chris [Mannix] accurately quoted Gilberto, who thought it was done,” Rafael added, in defense of Mannix, who had come under scrutiny for his initial posting. “But [the] committee responsible had not yet notified Martin. So no second day weigh-in. Nothing nefarious.”

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