Liam Paro will challenge Subriel Matias for the IBF world title on June 16. | Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Liam Paro believes he’s got the best training team available to prepare him to get the best of Subriel Matias.

Leading into their June 15 IBF world title fight both Subriel Matias and Liam Paro are featured in behind the scenes footage while in training camp, preparing for the battle. Both fighters are confident in their ability to pull of the win here, and both are putting in the hard work to give themselves the best opportunity to do so.

“During camp, I feel like an animal inside a cage,” Matias said. “The confinement, the day to day nuisances, being away from family, this creates somehow a monster that grows inside of me in camp.”

Soon after we get a look at Paro inside his own camp, where he discusses his preparations for the bout.

“We’re doing what we need to do, “Paro said. “We got the tools, we wouldn’t take the fight if we didn’t believe we could win it. We’ve got the right sparring, I’ve got a good sparring partner and training partner…we’re more than ready. Like I said, we’ve got the best team in the world. Our preps the best it’s ever been.”

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