Richardson Hitchins feels he’s still shaking off some ring rust due to his relative inactivity. | Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

In a controversial win, Richardson Hitchins says he knows in his heart he deserved to take the nod.

Following his unanimous decision win over Gustavo Lemos over the weekend, Richardson Hitchins spoke to media members back in his locker room to give his reaction to a much sterner test than he expected from Lemos. Check out some of what he had to say below.

Hitchins on his reaction to his fight with Lemos

“I feel like it was a tough fight. It was definitely a tough fight, it wasn’t easy. I mean, part of me, I really had mixed emotions about the fight because I feel like he never been tested but still, he did show he had huge knockout power and did show that he did something right to get here, and he was coming to a different country. I know like his whole energy of his team, everything, I knew that they was here to win.

“He never been in there with somebody like me but I still had that funny feeling like ‘alright, this might be one of them nights where we don’t know about this guy so I got to be on edge’ and it was a good fight, it was a great learning experience.

“He definitely caught me with some of the best shots I’ve gotten hit with since I’ve been professional. He caught me with some big shots in the fight and I took it, I weathered it, and kept fighting.

“I feel like I won — I don’t want to say a comfortable decision, but a decision where I felt deep inside I knew I won the fight. So I feel like it is what it is, back to the drawing board, just keep getting better.”

On who he wants to fight next

“I feel like after this fight just go back to the drawing board, see who’s available. I think still maybe one more fight before going for a world title, get some more experience. That was a great learning experience.”

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