Canelo Alvarez is secure in his legacy and is ready to put on a show, May 4. | Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Canelo Alvarez says he’s earned the right to fight whomever he pleases at this stage of his career.

With Canelo Alvarez scheduled to take on Jaime Munguia on Cinco de Mayo weekend, he talks to the media about the fight, why he’s content to never rekindle a relationship with Oscar De La Hoya, and why he continues to have no interest in a fight against David Benavidez.

Canelo on previously saying he didn’t want to face other Mexican fighters

“I did say that, yeah. But, you know, sometimes you need to do it. I think this fight with Jaime is going to be very important for Mexico. Two Mexicans on Cinco de Mayo weekend in Las Vegas, everybody watching us. I think it’s big for Mexico and I love being involved in these kinds of fights and I’m proud to give the opportunity to Jaime Munguia.”

On what needs to happen to repair his relationship with his former promoter Oscar De La Hoya

“No, I’m not interested to be a friend with him. I’m good where I am and I have nothing with him and I wish all the best for him and that’s it. But I don’t want him in my life, I don’t want him close to me.”

On fans who say he’s ducking David Benavidez

“That’s not my fans, that’s my critics [who say that]. That’s different, and they always have something to say about me when it’s Golovkin, when it’s Lara, when it’s Cotto, when it’s — now it’s Benavidez…I don’t have anything to say to that people because they never going to understand that. Because they see, but they don’t want to understand.”

On Benavidez saying he’s open to a rehydration clause to fight him if he’s worried about the weight difference

“And then what? Then you going to talk about that clause and when I beat him they going to say ‘they put me that clause.’ So nothing to do with that fight.

“It’s a lose/lose situation because after the fight they going to talk about ‘oh, because of this.’”

On Benavidez potentially being the only fight out there to get him really big money

“No, because I fought with any fighter and I win my good money. And I can do whatever I want in this time, because I deserve it because I did everything in my career and I deserve being in this position and I’m going to do whatever I want.”

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