Jack Catterall dropped a disputed decision to Josh Taylor the first time around and is ready to change his fortune. | Photo by Jess Hornby/PA Images via Getty Images

It took a couple years, but Jack Catterall will get a second bite at the apple against Josh Taylor on May 25.

Ahead of their May 25 rematch, and coming some time after the disputed decision in their first meeting, Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall sit down for a face to face interview. Here in a DAZN feature both fighters discuss the road to this sequel, their feelings towards one another, and why they both think things will be different this time around.

Catterall on finally getting this rematch with Taylor

“It’s a relief the fight’s signed now. Two years, we’ve cornered him, and we’re in a position where we’ve got the date and venue set and we can settle it.”

Catterall on why it’s taken this long for the rematch to happen

“I think, firstly, we had the rematch set, he got injured, he vacated all the belts and then he went and boxed Lopez. I think Josh has ambitions to go fight your Crawfords, your Spences, and he’s come back to realization now and I’m his biggest fight right now.”

Taylor on the apparent hatred between Catterall and himself

“There’s no hate. I don’t hate him, I don’t know him to hate him. But he’s said a lot of things through the years, it’s created a little bit of dislike. It’s not a guy I’m going to sit and go for a pint with. He doesn’t like me, I don’t like him, so purely business for me.”

Catterall on his feelings towards Taylor

“Hate is a strong word but we’re two different characters, and there’s this whole narrative about England vs Scotland. Yeah, it’s a good rivalry and it gets the juices flowing but it’s just me versus Josh and I don’t think he’s a nice guy, he’s not somebody I’d shake hands and go have a pint with. We don’t see eye to eye, we’re not friends and we’re going to fight and that’s what I’m most excited for — to be able to glove up and dust him in.”

Taylor on believing Catterall can’t perform better in their rematch while he expects to take it up a notch

“I think it’s pretty evident [that I have the ability to perform better]. It’s pretty obvious from my previous performances and titles and accolades. I’ve done 100 things better.

“I think his style and the way he boxes — does just enough to try and win — the other guys coming into the division now are good fighters and they take care of him no problem. I don’t think he’ll become a world champion. He’ll be the nearly man in British boxing.”

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